Sandra's Vision


Experience – Compassion – Integrity

Families in crisis, need compassionate justice

I am not a career politician, never held elected office but bring a fresh perspective to the Court; passion with purpose, through proper planning that develops programs to progressively relate to families’ and their futures.


  • I have practiced law for more than 30 years; I have served as ATTORNEY on all sides of family law including representing spouses in divorce actions, child custody cases, and have conducted best interest evaluations as Guardian ad Litem for children.


  • I am also a Qualified Mediator that has guided difficult cases to workable solutions. Most recently, these last 5 years, I was Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Juvenile Division, Child Welfare Unit and gained extensive experience and perspective in child protective services cases.


  • I am running because I have seen what happens to families in crisis. I understand how to address families who bring their lives, conflicts, disputes, and, sometimes, their dysfunctions to Court.


  • I believe that the Court can be an environment that is compassionate to families but follows the law no matter how difficult or emotional. Whether it’s a divorce action, a child custody matter, a grandparent case, a property division case, or a child protective services case, I am prepared to hear the facts, evidence and apply the law.  I can make tough decisions.


  • Currently, nearly 65% of family law cases have issues that pertain to drug abuse, mental health, or some type of family violence. Children are being born with addictions, exposed to abuse and neglect, as well as instability. I have the experience to address those issues and develop programs that allow families to recover, and still follow the law.  I believe that families in crisis need compassionate justice.


  • Treating people with compassion, dignity, and respect is a hallmark of who I am. Under my leadership, the 302nd Family District Court will be that place of clarity for each family member and will be run with efficiency, credibility, and integrity.


  • My duty is to follow the law, listen, provide guidance, and work with both sides to find a resolution that allows the family and, each, individual to have closure and a sense that justice was served. I will be this kind of judge because I possess the character, temperament, knowledge, and experiences that the bench requires.


  • Over the years, I have found that working in family law is highly rewarding because it allows me to help people in challenging situations. Family law, in the best circumstances, allows former spouses to move forward and gives children a way maintain invaluable relationships with both parents.


  • Children are usually the most vulnerable, but their best interest is paramount in every situation. There are very few children who want their parents to divorce, and more importantly, no child wants to feel separated from their parents. I have learned these things over the course of my personal and professional life and will bring these insights and wisdom to the bench.


  • I have served on Boards in the past such as North Texas Legal Services, Habitat to Humanities, and drug rehab center. Been a Past President of the Dallas Association Black Women Attorney.  More recently I served as Associate Dean, of the Potter’s House School of Ministry; feed the homeless as a volunteer; mentor young attorneys; lecture on GAL work through Dallas Bar Association and participated in CLE through the State Bar of Texas.


  •  My greatest service has been as primary caregiver for my Mother once she was diagnosed with dementia until she passed [2002-2014]; and I was still able to work in ministry, teach classes, work as mentor, give free advice as the altar, volunteer in crisis intervention from Katrina to Harvey, work with other sons and daughters who were caregiver, support breast cancer awareness and, still practice law.


  • Finally, I am seeking to take the next step in service to the community, ask for your thoughtful consideration and for your vote.


The 302nd Family District Court is an important court, and I will take my role as Judge very seriously. I bring a fresh perspective that will progressively move cases forward I ask you for your VOTE.

Thank you for voting for me!






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